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Zaid B. Mohammed




7th Floor - 177 Lombard Ave

Winnipeg, MB


Toll-free  1-866-880-9166 ext. 3351

Safewealth is about creating, managing, and preserving your financial future!  This is something important no matter what stage in life you are in.

There are some important criteria that you need to ensure you get the help you need:

  • Customer service that is knowledgeable
  • An advisor who is hands on in finding investment opportunities
  • An advisor who manages costs
  • Meetings with your advisor as they are needed

As one of a very small percentage of individuals who has attained accreditation as a certiifed accountant, investment manager, and financial planner, clients are assured that they have a knowledgeable professional to work with.  Combine this with over 10 years operating my own practice through the Sterling Mutuals Inc. network and high ethical standards associated with my professional academic designations.  Clients are assured I have the education, experience, and ethics warranted in today's volatile financial world.

My main focus is on Tax Smart and Tax Efficient Investing.  The goal is to use the complex Canadian tax system to clients' advantage whenever possible to help clients benefit more.  This is the key to superior financial management.

Who Can Benefit Best From My Service??

To put it simply, if you care about where you want to go and are willing to do what is necessary to get there then you would benefit best from my service. 

We can work on your plan in person or if you prefer to do it remotely, we can use online tools such as Sterling's pioneering Ensemble digital platform to automate the process while I provide a guiding hand.

Sterling Mutuals Inc. is one of the largest private investment companies in Canada.  Along with its partner, Sterling Insurance Agency,  there is virtually no limit in how to help you attain your goals given your tolerance for risk and time horizon.